Cepat Corporation Sdn Bhd (CCSB) was incorporated on 26th October 1983. The main objective of (CCSB) is involving in activities related to global logistic services.

Since it’s started the business the company has most of the time played indirect supporting
roles to the most related work (sub-contractor) and on smaller scale direct roles to major clients.

Today, after series significant milestones in providing all kind of logistics and transport services to various customers, has now build an organization to position itself undertake greater challenges.(CCSB) is a well-focused company specializing in giving quality logistic services and all kind of transport requirement.

This document contains essential corporate information on how (CCSB) executes and manages quality in accordance with the company quality management system.

In January 2018 (CCSB) have shifted to new Industrial Area at Port Klang that cover up to 4.5 Acres, by that we believe and hope we can serve the best and efficiently.



To Be A Leader in Transport Service Provider.



To Be Number One Transport Service Provider,We Are Committed In Providing Safe, Efficient, On-time Logistic Services by Embracing Advance Information Technological System For Complete Logistics Solution For Our Customers.



In line with CCSB to become one of the leading transport services provider in Malaysia. CCSB hereby recognizes the importance of health, safety and the environment in system of CCSB.

This Policy is based on Section 16, Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 . By that this policy is established.

  • Committed in managing all staff to ensure safety at priority.
  • Committed in reducing or 'Zero rise' Accident involvement at work place and On the Road.
  • Committed in providing best working area, healthy and safe to all CCSB employees.


Cepat Corporation Sdn Bhd (CCSB) undertake either on its own or in joint venture/consortium all types of services namely:

  • All capacity of transport services
  • Stuffing and unstuffing container
  • Cargo handling
  • Heavy lifting and installation
  • Packing and removal
  • Warehousing
  • Container Storage


All our Trailer are satellite-tracked and navigated real time by Utilising GPS software developed for the Transport industry, we can track, monitor and analyse the movement of our trailers everyday.The information help us to operate efficiently and reliable.

  • Track & Monitor real time and Security
  • Driver Behavior and attitude
  • Trailer Condition & Status
  • Driver Performance and Speed
  • Generate Report on Performance of Drivers & units for KPI's evaluation
  • Generate Report of Historical Data of units movement
  • Generate Report and evaluate Units Plan route



The organization of Cepat Corporation Sdn Bhd (CCSB) consist of people with varied qualification
and vast experience in the areas of their speciality. Most of the personal either manning
the organization in the office or the operation team at various work location has ‘hands on’ experience in multi-dicipline logistic services. In (CCSB) the most prized assets are our dedicated employees.